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Dental Implant Surgery

Full range of our Dental Implant surgical and Restorative treatment options as well as a complimentary first consultation and CT-scan.

State-of-Art Dentures Delivery

This is your unique chance to get a new full-arch dental restorattion, which not only looks great but also performs like the original one.

Welcome to Your New Life

If you are prepared to retrieve a beautiful and functional denture, it's time to start!

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Your Brand New Smile Is Closer Than You Think!

Implant Technology is giving patients full confidence to smile again

Unlike dentures, dental implants don't fall out and they take the worry out of chewing. Implants also preserve facial contours and prevent bone deterioration that can occur when teeth are missing. Our patients love them because they appear so natural. It's just like having your perfect teeth back again.

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The Journey

We perform thousands dental implant procedures every year. Our consultation is always complimentary.

Amazing Team

Our amazing team of doctors and specialists work together to deliver excellent treatment to our patients.

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Dental Implant surgery has proven extremely successful and is well-tolerated by most patients!

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Walk out of Fusion Dental Implants office with a brand new beautiful smile today.


FIRST STEPS ARE FOR FREE. Here you can receive a free consultation with one of our highly-experienced Board Certified oral surgeons. Welcome to the first step towards the creation of your perfect smile.

CT-Scan is a sophisticated diagnostic modality that uses X-rays and computer technology to produce high-quality images of the structures relevant for implant placement. This examination is cost-free for all patients undergoing implant placement.

Board Certified oral surgeon will carefully review patient's 3D-image and will provide comprehensive treatment plan including steps and surgery procedures schedule.

Our experienced treatment coordinators will work with you, your insurance, and the various financial institutions we’ve teamed up with, to customize your financing plan with affordable payment options that best fits your budget.

Why Us?

Observe our skills and experience gained over the decade of everyday advanced treatments provided. Also see what our lovely Patients thinking about our treatments and services.

Advanced Clinical / Lab Protocol

Consultation, Preop Records and 3D Design, Surgery and Same Day 3D Printed Dentures, Postop, Final Records, Final Delivery.

It was done professionally, all the way. I had no problems with anything.

Teeth-In-A-Day Lab Concept

Patient discussed all temporary teeth options with the doctor. Regular denture conversion, 3D printed teeth, or milled PMMA teeth.

Same day or next day delivery

My family and my friends, they all noticed a difference. It was amazing. They said, 'Oh! That's a different Jessie. He's got a smile! He's not all upset all the time now!' Your teeth make a difference.

Free Smile Evaluation

Complimentary cоnsultation, treatment plan, and financing options for all our Dental Implant Patients.

Free CT-Scan at the same appointment

I walked out of here with a new set of teeth and have felt good ever since that day.

Team of Professionals

We are a crew of a doctors and technicians who providing technologicaly advansed patient’s solutions in Dentistry.

Active colaboration between doctors and lab technicians

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